Our recent District Camp 2023 was a massive success, thanks to the incredible efforts of the Explorers. The theme for this year’s camp was Beach Party, and the explorers went all out to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for everyone who attended.

During the camp, the Explorers camped out and cooked all their own meals, showing their independence and self-sufficiency. But they didn’t stop there. When the campfire and wide game needed to be organized at the last minute for over 200 scouts, the Explorers stepped up to take charge and ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Those that weren’t invested, got a surprise too, as they had to abseil halfway down a 40ft wall, dangle with no hands, and officially invested into the Unit. Congratulations to Alfie, Ben, Eva, Fintan, James, Luke, Matilda, Niamh, Thomas, Will and Zach

Their dedication, hard work, and leadership skills were truly impressive and were appreciated by everyone in attendance. The campfire was a highlight of the weekend, with everyone gathered around the flames and singing songs, led by the Explorers themseveles. The wide game was equally exciting, with the Explorers leading the way and showing the Scouts how it’s done.

We are incredibly proud of our Explorers for their outstanding efforts and contributions to the success of District Camp 2023. They showed that they are capable of taking on challenges, working together as a team, and leading by example.