Trustee Board: you don’t have to work with young people to give them #skillsforlife

Working with young people isn’t for everyone. That’s why being a trustee is great – you’re making a difference to so many lives, without going camping, helping with activities, or running a session.

Trustees are the amazing people behind the scenes, that ensure Woodseats Explorers runs safely and legally – all with the member’s best interests at heart, but we’re looking for new volunteers – could it be you?

We’ve created a new Trustee Information Pack to help you recruit new trustees. While explaining who trustees are and what they do, you can find out why being a trustee is #GoodForYou.

We’re very lucky at Woodseats Explorers. We have seventy amazing Explorers, fifteen dedicated Leaders, our own multi-purpose building, three minibusses, a trailer, and loads of equipment.

But as you can imagine, these things don’t look after themselves. So we’re pressing the reset button and creating a brand new Trustee Board. We’d love to have you onboard.

So what exactly is the role about?

When and where do we meet, and what happens?

Our Trustee Board meets every 2 months at The Unit (36-42 Helmton Road). Expect to be greeted by friendly, smiling faces, cups of tea/coffee, and of course those all important cakes and biscuits.

We then run through a set agenda with a reports from the following re the last 8 weeks, and anything they want to happen in the future: Chairperson, Explorers, Treasurer, Vehicles, Hire, Fundraising. It only takes about an hour, depending on what we need to discuss and agree on.

What exactly is a trustee?

Trustees are a team of volunteers who see the big picture, make decisions, and work together to help Woodseats Explorers run smoothly.

Trustees play a key part in Woodseats Explorers, and keep an eye on our vision. They make sure young people have the best experience at Explorers, and check things are being done safely and legally.

Trustees support leaders to deliver a fantastic programme, while having a laugh, making new friends, and learning new skills themselves.

What do trustees do?

Trustees do lots of different things. They…

  • Make sure Woodseats Explorers follow the rules
  • Make sure Woodseats Explorers has enough money for activities
  • Complete any necessary admin
  • Check that equipment and buildings are looked after
  • Check we’re aligning with our Scout values
  • Influence the future of Woodseats Explorers
  • Help Woodseats Explorers run activities with young people in the safest way possible

Don’t worry, you’ll never be doing it alone. Our trustees work closely together and help each other out.

How will being a trustee benefit me?

Being a trustee isn’t just about you helping Woodseats Explorers, it’s about Woodseats Explorers helping you, too.

Here’s some of the benefits of being a trustee…

  • It’ll boost your employability – having a Scouts role on your CV is bound to impress employers and universities
  • It’s flexible and can fit around your schedule
  • You’ll learn new skills
  • You’ll make new friends
  • It’s an ideal way to volunteer if you’d like to help at Woodseats Explorers, but camping or running activities for young people isn’t for you
  • It’s great for your mental health – by helping a brilliant cause, you’ll get an amazing sense of achievement
  • You’ll work as a team – if you’ve got exams, a busy week at work or a holiday coming up, there’ll be people to help
  • There’s so much you can do from the comfort of your own home or favourite workspace
  • There’s plenty of friendly faces to support you at every step of your trustee journey
  • If you’ve got time on your hands, it’s an opportunity to put your valuable experience and life skills into practice
  • You’ll be offered training as part of your induction

How will being a trustee help me develop?

The skills you’ll gain are endless, and there’s so many things about being a trustee that’ll help you grow.

You’ll have the opportunity to…

  • Develop your decision-making skills
  • Listen to different opinions and work together towards a common goal
  • Organise things and do necessary admin – a perfect head-start for office-based jobs
  • Manage money – ideal if you’re looking for a career in finance, and want some experience with numbers
  • Work in your community – a stand-out section of any CV that’s bound to impress
  • Build your knowledge in a youth organisation – this is great if you’re hoping to get into third sector work
  • Socialise – enjoyable, but also a great skill

Who we’re looking for

Check out the 6 roles we’re looking for, at the bottom of this page.

If you’ve got any of the below qualities, we think you’ll make a brilliant trustee…

  • You’re interested in helping young people get skills for life
  • You don’t mind working with and talking to other people
  • You’re a bit creative, or like to find solutions to problems
  • You like being organised
  • You like hearing what other people have to say
  • You’d like to be more active in your local community

If you’ve helped lead a project before, this’ll really help you, but we’re not expecting you to have any prior experience.

You don’t need to have been in Scouts before, either – it’s fine if you’re completely new.

How much time will I need to give?

Being a trustee is flexible, and the amount of time you’ll need to give will depend on what you’re helping out with.

It’s usual for trustees to meet every two months, as well as a few additional hours a month when needed.

It’s a team effort here at Woodseats Explorers, so you’ll be working with other friendly trustees to get things done.

Not too sure yet?

Give it a go! If you’re interested, but you’re not sure it’s for you, have a chat with a Sid ( You could join a meeting to see what it’s all about.

There’s so many opportunities for you when you become a trustee – we’ll help you find what you enjoy doing the most.

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, whether you’re studying, working, looking after your kids, or doing other hobbies. Being a trustee is flexible, and can easily fit around your schedule.

Tip: If you’re a bit nervous about starting, why not join with a friend?

Who are we looking for?

Parent members

Your voice, our Unit’s success – all with a cup of tea, and most definitely cake in hand!

Calling all passionate parents to join us in shaping the organisation and running of our Explorer Unit, creating unforgettable adventures for our young people. Your unique perspective as a parent, will chart the course for a future filled with growth, adventure, and lasting memories.

This board oversees the administration of the Group. As well as a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, each Executive welcomes people with specific skills, and representatives of Explorer parents.

All we need from you:

– Be around for a couple of hours, every 2 months.
– Give your input/feedback of any issues/future plans
– Let us know your cake and biscuit of choice


Help keep us in line, dot the i’s and cross the t’s – join us as group secretary and administrator.

Are you a natural organiser? Do you know what’s happening, not just next week, but next month and year too? Is your electronic diary always perfectly in sync?

If this sounds like you, then we’d love you to consider supporting us as Group Secretary. A great communicator, team player and problem solver, you’ll be as good a listener as you are at taking accurate minutes and reminding us of our rules.

We’re only able to help young people step up, play their part and gain great skills when our groups are well managed and run.

A Group Secretary is absolutely essential to this, which is why, as one of our trustees, you will be responsible, supportive and have our best interest at heart at all times. In return you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping us prepare so many more young people for the future.

All we need from you:


Explore, Engage, Excel. Using our easy online systems, help keep our finances up to date.

Do you have a good head for numbers without losing sight of the big picture? If so, we could use your talents to help transform the lives of young people in your area.

Woodseats Explorers now need a strong team player with excellent judgement, analytical and organisational skills to join our Executive Committee. We’ll provide excellent training and support.

You will help manage and monitor the financial activities of the Group, acting as Treasurer. You will prepare and present financial reports and accounts and while supporting budgets and financial planning process in accordance with legal regulations.

With excellent IT Skills and the ability to summarise and communicate complex financial information, you will also be willing and eligibility to act as a Charity Trustee.

All we need from you:

Vehicle and trailer manager

Drive dreams and fuel adventures. Embrace the journey by helping to maintain our vehicles.

Do you have a mechanical mind set, and know your spare tyre from your socket set? Well we would love your help in maintaining our busses. We don’t need you to be a mechanic or own your own garage, but help us maintain our vehicle records, ensuring they’re fully taxed, insured and road worthy.

Our busses are what separates Woodseats Explorers apart from other Unit’s, allowing us to get out into the local area, and across Europe.

Are you up to maintaining the drive? If so get in touch.

All we need from you:

– Maintain our vehicle records electronically
– Ensure our vehicles are taxed, insured and road worthy
– Book in MOT and services and arrange for vehicles to be taken/brought back
– Fix, or book in to fix, any smaller issues that arise
– Implement and maintain a vehicle log book and defect scheme
– Be around for a couple of hours, every 2 months.
– Give your input/feedback of any issues/future plans
– Let us know your cake and biscuit of choice

Buildings and hire manager

Unlocking our spaces: Be the architect of our hall hire success as our hire manager!

We need someone to help with the planning and administration of our building hire.

Things like organising bookings, keeping records of who has what booked, and ensuring contracts are electronically signed and payments sent across online.

It’s a vital job that bring in well needed revenue.

All we need from you:

– Be around for a couple of hours, every 2 months.
– Mangage our hire process, including answering requests and managing our bookings calendar
– Show prospective hirers around the building (or arrange for someone else to do this)
– Ensure contracts are signed digitally and monies are received via our easy online systems
– Give your input/feedback of any issues/future plans
– Let us know your cake and biscuit of choice

Fundraising and grants manager

Scouting the future. Join us as a trailblazing volunteer fundraiser and grant catalyst!

Are you fizzing with fundraising ideas? Are you equally at home organising a cake sale as a sponsored Digital Detox? Then we need your energy and initiative to help us.

Woodseats Explorers now need group fundraisers to help support our activities and improve our facilities.

You’re not alone in the role, and the rest of the trustee board, Leadership team and Explorers themselves will come along on the day – we just need amazing people to help pull it together.

Raising extra funds means we can provide a wider range of exciting opportunities to our young people.

With experience of organising fundraising appeals, you won’t be afraid to get stuck in with anything from a car wash to helping a sponsored triathlon go swimmingly!

All we need from you:

– Be around for a couple of hours, every 2 months.
– Look at, and organise fundraising opportunities for our Explorers
– Liaise with the Leadership team to involve the Explorers
– Look at, and complete local and national grants to help purchase new equipment and maintain our building and vehicles
– Give your input/feedback of any issues/future plans
– Let us know your cake and biscuit of choice