Once you’ve had time to settle into The Unit, you will need your uniform to wear during meetings and on trips away. Usually, this consists of a beige shirt or blouse with your badges sewn on, which you pair with our Unit necker.

Alongside their shirts, Explorers might wear the accompanying blue uniform trousers only for special occasions like awards ceremonies and public events. We let Explorers wear something more casual with their shirts during the week.  Optional accessories such as hats, and hoodies, are also available.

On a Uniformed night, we expect Shirts to be on/done up, and on top (not under a hoodie/jacket), and a necker with a friendship knot at the very bottom, without massive excess bits dangling down.

You will need:

Explorer Shirt

You’ll need an Explorer Shirt (dark beige).

These can be purchased online or by visiting the Sheffield Scout and Guide Shop, S1 4EL, on via Amazon.

Once invested, this is where your badges need to go.