Value for money. Subs are currently set at £15 per month and are only payable via Direct Debit.

We believe this is fantastic value for money, especially when you consider everything the Unit can offer.

Their first month is on the house, to make sure they enjoy themselves before committing. At some point over their first few weeks, you’ll receive a separate email from us, asking to set up the Direct Debit. Even if it is straight away, we’ve already marked on the system that their first month is on us, so don’t worry.

Subs are all managed through Online Scout Manager and GoCardless – allowing secure payments online and giving you easy full control, and Direct Debits can easily be cancelled online.

This method also allows us to easily collect Gift Aid too, where the government gives The Unit an extra 25p, for every £1 you give us – all at no extra cost, time or worry from you.


Every year we must pay around £60 per young person to cover National, County and District Subscriptions.

This also includes insurance for members.


We own our building, therefore all the running and maintenance costs fall down to us alone.

We work hard to find the best prices and keep costs down.


Something that sets us apart is our fleet of minibuses – which allows us to easily get out when we want to.

But of course, the insurance, fuel and maintenance come at a cost.


Certainly not last, and the most important.

We spend subs on running awesome activities and Thursday nights for our members.



Not a single member of our Leadership/Exec committee is paid.

They all volunteer their time. All the time.