Monopoly Mayhem ‘23

Monopoly mayhem ‘23

27th October – 29th October 2023 | £69

It’s back and calling all adventurers! Unleash your inner explorer in London’s ultimate Monopoly Mayhem challenge 🎲🏙️

On Saturday, get ready to roll the dice and conquer the city in the electrifying Monopoly Challenge! Roam the iconic streets, strategise like a pro, and race against time to outsmart your rivals. The bustling metropolis is your playground, and only the boldest will emerge victorious!

But that’s not all! On Sunday, the adventure continues as we explore two of London’s hidden gems. First, we’ll immerse ourselves in the vibrant and eclectic atmosphere of Camden Market. Witness the extraordinary fusion of cultures, discover unique trinkets, and savor delectable street food that will tantalize your taste buds!

And as if that wasn’t enough, brace yourself for an awe-inspiring encounter at the National History Museum! Unravel the mysteries of prehistoric giants, journey through the ages, and come face-to-face with ancient marvels that will leave you in sheer wonderment.

Friday 27th

We’ll meet at Sheffield Train Station, before catching our direct train into the heart of the capital. From there it’s a short 5 minute tube ride to our new home in SE central London.

Saturday 28th

The challenge begins at 9am, with teams setting off for a day scouring London for those all important road name signs, and exciting challenges. We’ll then head out for some food, before watching a film at our new home.

Sunday 29th

More of a relaxing day, we’ll take in the sights and sounds of the world-famous Camden Market, before heading down to the National History and Science Museums. A late afternoon train back to Sheffield will see us back in bed in no time.

So where are we staying?

Get ready for the ultimate London camp experience at Scout House!

Nestled in the heart of the city, our cozy haven offers the perfect base for adventure. With easy access to iconic landmarks and vibrant neighbourhoods, each day brings a new exploration, and best of all, it’s only a 2 minute walk to the nearest tube station.

Scout House has all the usual toilets, modern kitchen and floor space.

You’ll need your own roll mat and sleeping bag. Boys, girls and adults will all have their own separate room.

How does the Saturday work?

Explorers will be placed in small groups of five, each armed with a day tube pass to explore the wonders of London.

As they navigate the city’s streets, their mission is to take group selfies at the iconic Monopoly road signs, earning valuable points as they go. Groups will be securely submitting their photos and progress through our online system, allowing us to keep a watchful eye on the groups’ locations.

Our dedicated leaders will be on patrol throughout London, swiftly responding to any issues.

Plus, there will be other exciting challenges along the way.

Safety and excitement go hand in hand with us! 🚇📸🏙️👥🌟

Easy peasy travel

We’re kicking off our trip with an exciting train journey to London! Departing early Friday evening, we’ll embark on a swift and comfortable 2.5-hour ride, whisking us away to the heart of the bustling metropolis. Seats are thoughtfully reserved, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable travel experience for everyone.

Bags will be carried by the Explorers themselves, fostering independence and a sense of responsibility. It’s all included in the camp price, so you can focus on the adventure ahead!

Exact train times will be sent to you nearer the time, but will be around a 1800 departure from Sheffield on the Friday, and returning to Sheffield for around 1800 on the Sunday.

Extra information

  • The camp leader is Jake Parfitt and can be contacted by email or phone.
  • 5 volunteer members of our leadership team will be attending too (Jake, Sid, Louis, Foley, James M)
  • Explorers will be left to roam London as they want. Groups will be of 5 Explorers, and will be in direct contact with our leaders throughout the weekend.
  • Places will be on a first-come-first-served basis, so don’t delay. We can only take 30 Explorers due to limits placed on us by accommodation.
  • We can point you in the direction of grants available to help with financing the camp if needed.
  • We’ll be catering as a group.